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Budget Update! April 10, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Rebecca @ 7:02 am

Earlier this week, I balanced our budget from March.  We came out about 700 dollars ahead for the month.  Wow is that bad.  Now we did technically have $720 alloted to tithing from February (tax returns etc), meaning we did really well and stayed on budget.

Of course this month will be different since we don’t have the extra tithing, but we will be paying a $300 home depot bill. We make our large home purchases using a store card because we get 6 or 12 months no interest, plus a discount. We have already made our mortgage payment for the month, so if we end up with an extra $300 this month we will either put that into May’s mortgage or do something to the house.  We need to replace a few shingles on our roof, so supplies, etc might make up a good part of that $300.  With our luck there will be some major mold and we will need to replace extra things.

So, even though the budget isn’t ‘perfect,’ I am happy with it. Next month we will look at it again and try to balance things a little better.


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