The Finance Fiend

Getting Financial Freedom by 35!

About me! March 2, 2009

Hi! I am your friendly finance fiend!

Once upon a time I went to college for a nerdy degree.  Then I got married, had a baby, and we became a one income family.  Ironically the one income we had, was the income that was just beginning college.  After a year of scrimping and barely getting by, we got a promotion.  We have become accustomed enough to living on the meager income, that the goal is to not live much above that income.  All excess funds will go toward the mortgage, and repaying the student loans for the education that isn’t earning income.

I love the idea of frugality, and I am glad its becoming trendy to be frugal.  I will share some of my tips and tricks I learned while working my way through college, as well as some of the resources I have found while starting our debt free journey.


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