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Food Storage Goals August 27, 2009

I am making this an official blog worthy goal.  My goal is to have our 3 month food storage completely stocked before we add child #2 to the mix in January.  I also want to have at least a months worth of meals in the freezer for thaw and bake/microwave dinners. Thats the main idea, so here are the specifics.

#1. Make a shelf stable ‘food storage’ menu.  I want to have most of the things on this list be shelf stable.  The things that are not shelf stable should be omitable or modified to be shalf stable.

#2. Get a deep freezer, and fill it with at least 30 ‘meals.’ Make up breakfast sandwiches, microwavable burritos, frozen pizza, and casseroles.  Make most things in the 8×8 pans.  Make a few things in 9×13 for ability to have people over to eat or for charity purposes.

#3. Make can rotator racks for our canned foods in the pantry.  I think we will get less in a space, but we will also have it easy to see when we are low, and auto food rotation.  I am making them out of cardboard. I have made one, and it worked, but was too tall for our shelves.  I am modifying the plans for a deeper but shorter rotator.

#4. Purchase the food for the 3 month menu.  We started a 3 month food stoarge via flats of canned food a few months ago.  Most of that has been eaten, so I know what we like.  One flat has 10 of the 12 cans left.  That will probably change once we start eating more soups and casseroles in the fall and winter.

#5. Purchase other household necesseties so we never have to run to the store for anything.  We need some shampoo, trachbags, TP, sanitary supplies including giant after baby pads, etc.

#6. Get more long term food storage.  We just bought 5 months for one adult last weekend, which for our family = 2 months.  We are switching to using Mylar bags, and I am purging our computer room to hold it all.  Or, I will at least.

I will begin publishing posts about our food storage and recipes and stuff as time goes along.  I have a book on the way to me that is pantry meals.  That should help motivate me to sit down and make our menu, before I have to teach a class on it.


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